Stormy weather in Europe about to cause nuisance to port and terminal operations



February 17 , 2022

Dear customers ,

Heavy winds are expected to move across Belgium in the next couple of hours. The Royal Meteorological Institute has declared warning code “orange” until midnight meaning that damages are likely to occur and traffic might be seriously impacted. Consequently, Port and terminal operations will be gravely affected and delays will need to be considered.

Currently, all container depots in the Port of Antwerp are closed meaning that no empty containers are to be released any time soon. Export terminals are still operating at the moment however, at minimum capacity. Shipex expects that terminal operations will be halted as well once the storm is within reach of its full speed.

The situation in the Ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam will be monitored closely over the next few hours and we will inform all stakeholders in due time.
Please feel free to contact your account manager in case of concern.

The Shipex team