Shipex NV places great importance on the privacy of users. Although most information on this site is available without the need to provide personal details users may be requested to provide personal information. In this case the information is treated in accordance with the provisions of the Act of December 8th 1992 with regard to the processing of personal details. In pursuance of the provisions of this Act, you have a right to view, modify and delete all information in accordance with the conditions specified in the Act. You can, at no cost and on request, oppose the use of your personal details with a view to direct marketing. To take advantage of this right, please contact us directly.

Solely the fact that a customer fills out a form on this website with his/her personal details or places an order, the customer authorizes Shipex NV to process his/her personal details and to use them for internal use. 'Internal use' shall be understood to mean customer administration, management of orders, deliveries, invoicing, services, follow-up of the solvency, as well as marketing and personalized publicity. If your personal details (e.g. e-mail) are used for direct marketing, you have the right, at any time, free of charge and without specification of reason, to oppose the further use of your personal details. Shipex NV shall do all it can to safeguard the security and the confidential nature of your details and, in particular, to act against any change, deletion, distribution or unauthorized access of the data. For more information, customers are requested to apply to the public register that is kept by the Commission for the Protection of privacy.