Please find herewith an update on the impact of COVID19 in North American ports:

  • The Port of Houston is fully operational again, after a day of closure due to an infected employee at one of the terminals.
  • Various other Ports are facing delays in handling IN/OUT activities due to affected sailings and availability of labor force.

Latest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcements:

  • Obligation to remove ill workers from areas where they could come into contact with food and food packaging.
  • Implement social distancing in food facilities.
  • Since Covid-19 is not a foodborne pathogen, FDA does not mandate any recalls or products to be placed on hold in case an employee at a food processing facility hast tested positive for the virus.
  • FDA has temporarily suspended domestic routine surveillance inspections.
  • FDA will continue to conduct ‘mission critical’ inspections, with prior notice.
  • FDA has suspended standard foreign facility inspections till the end of April.
    Exception to this rule could be a foodborne illness outbreak Class I, with prior notice.
  • Food manufacturing, agricultural activities, grocery store operations are considered as ‘essential’.
  • Food service operations are considered as ‘non-essential’.

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