Compulsory registration of a customs document

Compulsory registration of a customs document

We would like to inform you that the Belgian Customs have requested the ocean carriers in Antwerp & Zeebrugge to refuse to load on board any container without a valid customs document.

In order to avoid your container from being blocked on terminal - with all its financial consequences – a valid customs document needs to be registered in C-POINT (former eBalie/APCS) on the container closing date which is mentioned on our booking confirmation.

Any violation will result in a customs fine of € 5000 to € 7500, revocation of your AEO permit and even criminal prosecution.

The aim is not to slow down or obstruct the logistics chain, but the outgoing process of goods has gained in importance with the Union’s Customs Code (UCC) and therefore additional measures are required.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to adapt its (internal) processes, this measure will be enforced with effect from 1st January 2020. However, additional checks are being performed by the carriers already as from mid October 2019.

In order to make sure that your shipments comply with these stricter measures, we would like to offer you a safety net.
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