May 3th 2022


Dear Customer,

Please be informed that the Ministry of Finance in Costa Rica has been hacked by cybercriminals, affecting (amongst others) import & export tax and custom clearances.
This event is adversely effecting dispatch of containers and causing delays in customs clearance. Officials are working to solve the situation. In the meanwhile a contingency plan has been released for customs procedures. Additional charges may however occur at the terminal(s) and/or warehouses due to the delays caused by this situation.
More info can be found on:

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance Website Was Hacked : (

Conti Ransomware Targets Costa Rican Government Entities (

As result of this event Great White Fleet has announced a temporarily booking pause as from mv ‘Cool Explorer’ voy 007W ets May 11th for any cargo destined to Costa Rica.
At this very moment it is unclear whether the sailing thereafter - Cool Explorer ets 18/05 - will take cargo destined for Costa Rica. Presumably, the shipping company will monitor the situation closely and only make a last minute decision.
Although all shipping companies call at the same (APM) terminal, Great White Fleet is, until further notice, the only shipping company which has annunciated a booking stop. The other shipping companies are still accepting new cargoes to date but are not giving any guarantees about the time of arrival.

The Shipex Team