Dear customer

In order to cope with the high demand of container bookings, some shipping lines are announcing (informal) booking stops for export from Europe to the East.

Shipping line ONE last week informed her customers that “due to the ongoing surge of volume in the last couple of weeks, our available capacity on our Europe to Far East service is already fully booked for sailings up to the end of February”. ONE is referring to “hundred of bookings that we cannot accommodate on the intended vessel” and a lot of booking amendments, rolls and frequent schedule changes due to congestion in many ports. Although reefer cargo is experiencing the same problems, they theoretically still accept bookings for reefers but subject to space and equipment availability.

French carrier CMA CGM also published a ‘customer advisory’ to inform the market that “due to a continued increase of booking volumes for all types of equipment [dry/reefer ctr], our available allocation from Europe to the Far East is fully booked until the end of February 2021”.

They indicate that it doesn’t make sense to initiate new booking requests for February as well that customers should avoid to send reminders, as this is contributing to the delay in response time by their customer service department.

Moreover, CMA CGM has suspended her main service to Port Kelang for an indefinite period of time (see our newsletter dd 2 Feb 2021).
And a similar story with other shipping lines as Maersk or Evergreen, who confirmed earlier to us that they cannot accept any (substantial) new bookings for reefer cargo as they struggle with reefer equipment and/or space problems.

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Shipex team