Waiver Somalia

Dear customer,

Please note we have been informed about new regulations for shipments to Somalia. As from 01/02/23 a waiver is obligated for all shipments to Somalia.

A waiver or CTN is a mandatory loading certificate for all sea shipments to Somalia ports. It is required for Mogadishu, Berbera, Bossaso or any other port. You might also know it as ECTN ( Electronic Cargo Tracking Note), introduced as a regulation in 2023 by the Ministry of Ports and Marine Transport of Somalia. Failing to present the CTN document will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine.

Please advise at the time of placing the booking if Shipex needs to apply for the waiver or if you/your client will arrange themselves.

Rates for Waiver arranged by Shipex are as follows:
20’CTR: €250 / 20’
40’CTR: €375 / 40’
For containers that are already sailed, you will be contacted by our doc department.
If any questions, please let us know.