Dear client,

Please find here below our latest newsflash with reference to the Peak Season and Cancellation Fee.

Furthermore, a handful of shipping companies (MAERSK/HAPAG/ONE/NDS/HSUD) are introducing a cancellation fee with immediate effect. This should prevent 'late' roll-overs, cancellations and no-shows from being reduced to an absolute minimum and at the same time enable them to make full use of the allocation on the ships. Costs and conditions vary from carrier to carrier.
For example, some carriers already charge for any change as of 14 days prior to the initial closing and this goes up to EUR 200 per container.
In case of refusal, the releases of equipment and/or BLs of all new bookings are blocked.

The global logistics crisis continues and carriers are obliged to push freight costs even higher. We are currently being inundated with surcharges, which will be passed on from May 1st onwards.
Additional surcharges vary per shipping area between EUR 200 and EUR 2000 per container. In the appendix you will find a selection of the 2 main shipping companies MSC & CMA and their surcharges.

PSS April 2021