Congestion In Africa

Large,Stacked,Container,Ship,Leaving,The,Port,Of,Cape,Town Dear valued customer Antwerp, Nov 13th 2023 Rapidly escalating import volumes in Senegal have led to a critical situation, with both terminals and warehouses reaching maximum capacity. As a result, seaports like Dakar are now completely saturated. Forecasts indicate an imminent spillover effect towards neighboring hubs in Lome, Cotonou, and Las Palmas. In a parallel development, a somewhat analogous situation is unfolding in Pointe Noire, contributing to significant delays in transit to Matadi. The congestion in Pointe Noire is exacerbating the challenges in the region, further hindering the smooth flow of goods and causing substantial disruptions in the supply chain. Also South Africa is currently facing a severe crisis due to a combination of local strikes and unfavorable weather conditions. The terminals, crucial for trade activities, have been heavily impacted, leading to a significant disruption in productivity. This concatenation of events has resulted in paralyzing congestion in the country’s major trade ports. Import and export activities have been severely affected, causing substantial economic consequences. Authorities are challenged to swiftly gain control of the situation and find solutions to address the emerging issues, aiming for the recovery of economic activity in South Africa. In response to the persistent challenges, shipping companies find themselves compelled to address the situation by reintroducing congestion surcharges after a prolonged period of declining freight rates. These surcharges will be uniformly applied across the board. Always at your disposal for further consultation where necessary. Best regards Shipex Capture