We refer to our newsletter on 11th of Sept about the heavy congestion at the port of Sydney.

During the last days the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) was in court with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and agreed to stop all bans in all ports while they mediate their demands with the stevedores mostly the largest one Patrick Terminals.

According to The Loadstar, “the Union also came under attack from shipping lines, forwarders and business groups warning that the severe port congestion at Sydney’s port Botany raised the prospect of cancelled orders, retail shortages over Christmas and heavy losses for agricultural exporters”.

We learned from our agent in Australia that the delays MSC stipulates are being experienced and just Sydney has to move 90,000 containers.
Meanwhile the problem has spread to Melbourne, Fremantle and Brisbane as vessels diverted so they have the same problems occurring in their ports.
It’s clear that the delays and extra costs will be around for some time. The congestion surcharges are compounded with detention charges, although the lines have extended the free time we fear that it will not be enough ... . Truckers are enforcing waiting time charges as the empty return parks are jammed up as well.

Shipping line MSC extended her Australian Port Congestion Surcharge, which is not only applicable for cargo to Sydney but also at the ports of Melbourne and Brisbane.

In this context, several shipping lines have suspended bookings and adjusted sailing schedules.

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