China Customs Advanced Manifest

China Customs Advanced Manifest

Please be informed that as from 1st June, the CCAM regulation (China Customs Advanced Manifest) came into force; in order to improve the capability to detect suspicious shipments prior to their physical entrance in China.

This means that as from this date onwards, the carriers will have to forward their cargo manifest to Chinese customs 24h prior to loading container(s) on board.
In order to meet this very strict deadline and to avoid that your container(s) is (are) rolled over to the next vessel, we ask you to adhere to the DOC CLOSING mentioned on our booking confirmation.



"Carriers will have to forward their cargo manifest 24h prior to loading your container on board"

What is the deadline?

It depends from carrier to carrier; the DOC CLOSING is mentioned on our booking confirmation. The carrier is not allowed to load your container on board, consequently it will be rolled over to the next vessel, resulting in a delay of your cargo & financial consequences (demurrage/storage,…)

For which shipments is it applicable?

All shipments to China (except Hong Kong) as well as transshipment via a Chinese port

What is a cargo manifest?

A collection of all shipping instructions for a specific vessel. It includes the following information:

1. Complete details of shipper & consignee (or notify if consignee is to order)
2. Enterprise code (USCC code)
3. Complete description of the goods incl HS code