Saudi Arabia - Forwarder license for import & export

Saudi Arabia: forwarder license for import & export

Effective as from ETA 26/6/2019, Saudi Arabia Port Authorities (MAWANI) rule for Consignee and Notify (Art 26 of MAWANI Regulation for Shipping agent) detailed below will be strictly enforced:

Freight Forwarders can be mentioned as consignee and/or notify, only if they have valid license issued and registered by Public Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia. Otherwise it is strictly forbidden.

Failure to comply with this obligation will lead to :

  • Heavy fine per shipment
  • In case of repeated violation, and in addition to the fine, temporary suspension of the license for a period up to¬†(12) months.
  • If the violation is repeated for the third time, the fine shall be imposed and the license revoked.