31 March 2021

Dear customer,

With the introduction of the mandatory VGM declaration on July 1 2016, the Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport DG Maritime was entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring this.

We have recently been informed that this entity will start checking the VGM correctness.

Whilst import and T/S containers will not be excluded, emphasis will primarily be on export containers, the same in order to re-emphasize awareness among shippers.

In practice, the control weighing will take place on the 4 major terminals in Antwerp (PSA 869, PSA 913, MPET 1742 & AG 1700), using a calibrated weighbridge and in the presence of an inspector.

It is to be noted that excessive deviation of the remeasured weight vs the declared VGM (above the tolerance margin of 5%), will be subject to substantial penalties raised against the VGM responsible party.

The costs for this weighting, regardless of the result, will be for account of the cargo and charged against the booking party.

Always at your disposal for further consultation where necessary.

Best regards