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The Chinese authorities have imposed a stricter control on cold chain food imports. In the context of the spread of Covid-19, they focus on more inspections and disinfection measures for reefer imports in the Chinese seaports, which have a negative impact on the supply chain due to delays at the terminals and a serious decline in availability of reefer plugs.

As the situation in the port of Tianjin Xingang is deteriorating, shipping lines are implementing – with immediate effect – congestion surcharges (CGS) at the port of Tianjin Xingang. Last week both MSC and CMA announced a CGS of 1.250 to 1500 USD per reefer.

On top of this CGS, other costs as storage, plug-in, costs to deviate containers to alternative ports, … also can be charged to the shippers.

The Chinese carrier Cosco Shipping announced last Friday that “ Tianjin is facing reefer plugs shortage. Under this critical and urgent situation, we are forced to discharge your reefer containers in an alternative port or change your transit route without notice.”

Today also MSC informed us that they “cannot secure the discharge of reefer containers at the designated port where power sources may be not available” and thus these reefers “may be discharged at an intermediate or alternative port”.

Therefore shipping lines also recommend shippers to change the port of destination.

CMA CGM have announced that they stop to accept new reefer bookings for the port of Huangpu, as they refer to a difficult situation with “most reefer plugs already being occupied.”

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