Wood packaging for shipments to the Canary Islands

Regulation ISPM15 for shipments to the Canary Islands

We would like to inform you that a new regulation will be applicable in the Canary Islands. Namely, the ISPM15 regulation concerning import or entry of wood packaging and stowage (“Orden APA/1076/2018 of 11 October”).

As from 11 April 2019, all wooden pallets must be treated under this ISPM15-regulation and bear the corresponding stamp or mark to certify that they have been subject to the correct phytosanitary treatment. Non-compliance with this new regulation may result in a stop of the shipment, removal of non-compliant material or even destruction or re-exportation thereof. We would therefore like to ask our clients to comply with these requirements in order to avoid penalties and additional expenses on your shipments.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the subject. We will do our utmost best to give you additional information.