North American Update covering the week of April 13th

 Latest FDA announcements 
- No new announcements of importance related to the food industry. 

Latest Port announcements 
- Some Ports remain on a partial working schedule in view of continued blank sailings. Detailed overview below. 

Latest domestic trucking announcements
- More truckers, switching over from other industries, are available for road transport of food, being labelled as essential. 

Latest food industry announcements 
- New York Fancy Food Show in June is officially cancelled.
- The meat packing industry is struggling with infected laborers, resulting in first communications on shortage of retail supply. 

NORFOLK - VIG Hour Change VIG are open 6AM to 6PM M-F and closed on Saturday
NORFOLK - PMT Hours Change Inbound and outbound traffic will be held between 1200 – 1300 hours Effective March 16
BALTIMORE Gate closure based on the weekly volumes Gate hours will be 06:00 – 16:45 from Wednesday, April 1st through Friday, April 3rd
PHILADELPHIA Normal Operation / Hours  
TAMPA Normal Operation / Hours  
PORT EVERGLADES Temporarily close gate and terminal operations on Thursdays until further notice Starting Thursday, March 19, 2020
MIAMI POMTOC Gate closure based on the weekly volumes Closed on Monday 4/20
MIAMI SFCT Normal Operation / Hours  
HOUSTON BARBOUR'S CUT Normal Operation / Hours  
HOUSTON BAYPORT Normal Operation / Hours