Due to the bad weather conditions, congestion in several ports, Ocean Alliance (CMA/COSCO/EVERGREEN) was forced to reschedule the maiden FAL3 service to Middle East and South East Asia in order not to further jeopardize the integrity of this service.

In the direction of the Middle East, Jebel and subsequently all Gulf destinations will be cancelled for a period of 4 weeks. A temporary alternative will be offered on the renewed Ipak service, with a call in Jebel.

With regard to the services to South East Asia, the call at Port Kelang will be suspended indefinitely. Port Kelang currently acts as a gateway to other destinations as there are: Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. Unfortunately, little to no alternative In terms of space is offered here and we are forced to divert to other shipowners/alliances.

The congestion problem at Port Kelang is seriously affecting container lines’ services. This port is one of the major transshipment ports in the region.
The port authorities explained that the congestion is the result of an increasing number of vessels arriving at the port, which resulted in more containers being unloaded rather than being uploaded.

Northport has implemented several measures, including opening additional routes at the port entrance and increase of workforce. Priority berthing is given to ships with more containers to be loaded than discharged.

The Port Klang Authority (PKA) chairman announced in a statement “to increase the container yard’s operation efficiency, Westports had created additional yard space including reefer containers yard space with plug points”, according to The Star.
Also, extra measures have been taken to speed up the inspection process and customs’ clearance.

Despite fact that enormous efforts have already been made in the past weeks to improve the situation, Ocean Alliance sees no other solutions than to cancel the call indefinitely.