ACI Filing is mandatory as from ETA 1 OCTOBER 2021

  • Exporter should initiate the process on CargoX

  • Importer should request an ACID on Nafeza

  • ACID should be mentioned on ALL shipping docs (CI/PL/COO/BL)

  • ACID, Importer Tax ID, Exporter ID nr are mandatory on the bill of lading

Antwerp, 13/09/2021

Dear valued customer,

In accordance with the new Egyptian Customs law, Advance Cargo information (ACI) will be strictly mandatory for all Egypt import shipments as of 1st October 2021 (arrival date).
Advance Cargo information (ACI) is a new customs system that requires cargo data and shipping documents (commercial invoice, Packing list, draft/copy Bill of Lading, certificate of origin) to be provided to Egyptian customs latest 48 hours before the vessel departure from the port of loading (POL).

Under the ACI system, a unique number called ACID number (Advance Cargo Information Declaration) is to be requested by the importer for each shipment. This request should be done on the Egyptian customs portal
However the exporter should initiate the ACI filing on the CargoX platform. CargoX is a blockchain supported platform, chosen by the Egyptian government to handle all ACI requests.
We have tried to consolidate all information and explain in the following 5 steps how to submit a request:

All parties (exporter/importer) need to have an account on the CargoX platform and buy CargoX service units to verify their account. These CargoX service units will later be used to pay ACI filing fees, transfer documents etc. For more info, please consult the Egypt ACI prerequisites.

Once the registration process is complete, the exporter can create and send an ACI envelope. When opening a new ACI envelope, the ACID number should be entered.
This is the number the exporter should have received from its Egyptian importer. They get it from NAFEZA once they register the import shipment with the Egyptian customs authority.

Next, the shipping documents should be uploaded in CargoX (Commercial invoice, Packing list, draft/copy Bill of Lading, certificate of origin) and tagged correctly. This should be done at least 48 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel. The uploading of documents is subject to a fee.

Once this process is completed, the envelope can be sealed and transferred to the blockchain

The following 3 references should be sent to Shipex to comply with the Egyptian ACI regulation, at booking stage or latest when proving us with the shipping instructions:
1. ACID Number: a 19-digit number uniquely identifying the ACI shipment
2. Importer TAX Number: a 9-digit number issued by the Egyptian Tax Authority uniquely identifying all companies registered in Egypt
3. Exporter Identification Number: The exporter identification number issued by the relevant authority, either Registration or VAT number

Always at your disposal for further consultation where necessary.

Best regards,