Published | 03 diciembre 2019

Testimonial Bart Cleuren

Bart (1984) grew up in the Antwerp area (Belgium) and after secondary school he opted for a specialization year: international transport and logistics. Since he had always been overly interested in logistical processes, it turned out to be the perfect choice.

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Published | 07 noviembre 2019

Reefers to Rades

According to the last advisory shared by Rades Port Authorities (OMMP) reefers can no longer be stocked or plugged in at Rades terminal in Tunis.

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Published | 22 octubre 2019

Compulsory registration of a customs document

We would like to inform you that the Belgian Customs have requested the ocean carriers in Antwerp & Zeebrugge to refuse to load on board any container without a valid customs document.

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